Upcoming Fellowship Events

Four Biblical Answers on Marriage & Divorce

Saturday, Nov. 18, 9:30 am

The Imago Dei Sessions are a series of discussions on what it means to be created in the Image of God and how this affects our relationships, of all kinds, to one another. This session will focus on unpacking what the Bible says in response to four questions:

  1. What is God’s design for marriage?
  2. Does God actually hate divorce?
  3. Does God love the institution of marriage more than the people in the marriage?
  4. How do we honor God in a difficult marriage, a disappointing marriage, and a destructive marriage?

The answers might surprise you. Please join us for the discussion, ask more questions, enjoy some coffee & tea together, and let’s explore the life-giving truths of God’s Word that meet us right where we are.

This session is open to both women & men, and will be available on our YouTube channel after – however, the discussion is only accessible if you attend in person. No registration required. Contact us at women@brookswoodbaptist.com for
more information