Pamelina is from Edmonton and came to be a follower of Jesus in her teens. She has a degree in Professional Communications from Royal Roads University and a Master’s of Divinity from Acts Seminaries at Trinity Western University. She has served as a missionary in Asia working with university students as well as other places in the world. She has worked with youth and young adults for the last ten years, introducing them to the love of Christ and helping them navigate their way into adulthood.

Pamelina believes that the local church is God’s presence in the community and should be actively seeking to serve the needs of the community. She loves to see women pursuing their calling in God, and seeing men and women coming together as the family of God to further His kingdom.

Pamelina loves all things nerd culture. She can be found reading (comic books to theology texts are fair game) or cooking, but more than likely you’ll find her chillin’ with youths and friends over a cuppa.