Statement on Marriage in Canada

We are a Baptist General Conference of Canada church.

The Baptist General Conference of Canada (BGCC) understands marriage to be a divine gift to society whereby a man and a woman are joined together in a lifelong commitment to faithful companionship, extended family connectedness, and in the sovereignty of God--the blessing of children.

Our understanding stems from our reading of the Bible, our source of faith and behaviour.                We believe that marriage of a man and a woman reflects the original intent of God in creation (Genesis 2:24,25).

To that end, our community of faith cannot endorse marriages of same sex individuals as consistent with what the Bible teaches. Therefore, our pastors may not perform same sex marriages.  We consider this to be a pastoral statement giving spiritual guidance to our pastors and people.

We realize that not all of Canada understands life in the same way.  We will respect the mosaic of pluralism called Canada.  We will try to live lives filled with grace and forgiveness.  However, faced with many choices in life, we call Canadians back to this Divine gift.